Computer/Software Assistance Program 

Subarashii Communications LLC is now offering Computer/Software Assistance! This is to help  job seekers to have the equipment they need at little or no extra cost to them. We have several ways to assist! 


Want a computer but don't want to spend the money? The Loan program is very simple: we loan you a PC computer that will meet the requirements to work. Just return in like condition if you decide to move on from us! No money lost*, no fuss, just that simple!

*See bottom for details


Well, you loaned a computer from us, good start! Maybe you found a better opportunity or you want to keep the PC because you need one that's reliable. NO WORRIES!  You can start the Buyout program! Select 3, 6, 9, or 12 months to pay off the PC using your semi-monthly paycheck. You can even pay more to pay it off early. Once it's paid it's yours to keep! No-fuss just that simple.

Windows 7 or 10 

You got a MacBook or iMac that meets the requirements. Congrats! But you don't have Windows 7 or 10 to run Boot Camp. Or maybe you have a PC and would like to upgrade. Have no fear, we can help. Just simply fill out a form telling us about your Mac or PC. I will then see which Windows software you can run, purchase upfront and help set it up! I'll even teach you some basics of your new software. Of course, you will pay for the software out of your semi-monthly paycheck once you start making money. Oh did I mention the software is yours? That right no take-backs, no fuss, just that simple

So how much is this gonna cost?

Compare each service and see which on is best for you!




No money down, in between, nothing! 

Brand new PC

No money needed, just sign a contract 

Return it back when your done using it in good condition 

No money owed




1st and 15th of the month 

3,6,9, or 12 month contract

Brand new PC

Deposit is $43 then semi monthly deductions

Sign contract and make payments you can even pay more

After contract is fulfilled the PC is yours to keep


Windows 7 or 10


1st and 15 of the month

3 months only

Official Disc from Microsoft

Deducted out of your paycheck when you start making money

Sign contract and upfront installation and learn how to use it

Yours to keep after 3 month of payments


Computer/Software Important Facts 

1. You have to return the laptop back in good condition if you sign for a loan. If you do not, the total of the laptop will be deducted out your last check. 

2. You can start out as a loan and then switch to buyout. 

3. Both Buyout and Software monthly payments will not be taking out until you start bringing in money. 

4. The first charge for the Buyout is a $45 deposit. After that you will start your monthly payments based on the months you choose. 

5. You will not receive the laptop until you are registered and your class is paid for. All of these programs will need a contract signed before you receive anything. 

All of these facts and more will be on your contract. Please let me know during the hire process if you need any of these so we can talk more into detail.