What exactly is my job with Subarashii Communications LLC?

You pick that when you pick your client from the Arise portal.

I heard Arise is a scam. Is that true?

No, they are a legit company that works with Fortune 500 companies and have been BBB+ accredited for 15+ yrs.

I heard Arise takes out a fee for using their platform as an agent. Is this true?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Arise takes out a fee from the business owner which would be Subarashii Communications LLC.

So, what does Subarashii take out of my pay?

20%. Think of it as your “taxes” if you were working at any job, you would have money taken out for check, right? The same rules apply here.

How much do I get paid?

Subarashii Communications pays based on the client that you pick. After 90 days, your pay goes up based on attendance metrics, etc. 

Is my pay based on calls?

No! You are paid hourly. If you clock in at 10 and work till 6 whether you take calls or not you would get paid for 7 hours (1-hour lunch). Same pay as any other job.

How do I really know that Subarashii Communications LLC is a real business?

If you Google us you can find our Facebook page, our webpage and Bizapedia has us too!

When is payday?

Paydays are the 10th and the 25th of each month. If you chose a paper check it will be mailed out on the 10th and 25th.

Who pays me, Arise or Subarashii?

Subarashii pays you. You will be able to get your paystub and 1099 form as well even if you receive a paper check. 

What’s a 1099 form?

1099 form is a tax form for an independent contractor.

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Why am I an independent contractor instead of an employee?

Subarashii Communications signs you up as an independent contractor because you provide our own equipment. You also work from home. Lastly, we want you to bring home more money. If you were an employee, Subarashii Communications would not have any say on how much taxes are taken out. (Medicaid social federal state tax etc.)

So how will I do my taxes?

You will complete your taxes using your 1099 form.

So what equipment am I providing?

Computer, internet, and a landline phone.

Is there anything that I must pay upfront for?

You will pay for your training class upfront and Subarashii will reimburse you on the first payroll after training starts. Other things you might need to pay for might include if you need a landline phone, internet, or computer, if you pick a client that requires a dual monitor, Ethernet cord etc.

So, what does Subarashii pay for?

Headset for training. Hard wired dialer and headset. Flash drive if needed. And we reimburse you for your cost of the training class that you take to get certified for the client. For your training we pay if it is $80 or less. If you pick a client that is over that then you will have to pay the difference either upfront or on your first paycheck.  

What about pay during training?

Subarashii Communications does not pay you during training. However, if your client pays anytime during training then Subarashii will pay you. 

How will I find that out?

When you go to the Arise portal, each client has all the information you need for the job. Information as in what the requirements are to work for the client, peak days, computer requirements, if you get paid during training and going forward etc. You will know all about the position in question before we pay for the training. If you want to get paid during training look for "Earn While You Learn" or Start Making Revenue. This will be specifically outline in the Info section of the client.

What is the schedule for training and how long is it?

Your schedule is in 4hr increments. You pick your own scheduled training. Most clients training is 5-8 weeks.

What about schedule after training?

You pick that yourself. You must work a minimum of 20 hrs. a week and work on the required days your client asks for.

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Does subarashii Communications need any personal information like me social? What about Arise?

No. Subarashii Communications uses an EIN number instead of your social. Arise only asks for your social when you sign up to use the portal and when you do a background check for verification purposes. That is with any background check for any company.

What’s an EIN number?

EIN number is provided by the IRS. You will need this number to complete the W-9 form instead of giving us your social. It is only used for tax purposes to do your 1099 form during tax time and to pay you.

What other information might Subarashii need?

Only other personal information is your ID or license and your direct deposit information if you want direct deposit.

Why do you need my license?

To work for Arise and Subarashii Communication, you must prove your human. It’s part of your affidavit of identification to show you are who you say you are. This will be shared with Arise and on file for Subarashii Communications so this way you can get paid correctly. If you worked anywhere else, you would need your ID right. Same rules apply here.

Are there any background or drug screens?

Background checks are done by every client! Drug screens are based on each client and they will let you know if you need to complete one.

Do I pay for those?

No, they are free of charge from Arise.

Well I’m sold. How do I apply?

Send your resume to [email protected] or you can click on the Join Us page and send it there.

After I send my resume what’s next?

I will email you on the next steps. After that if you would like to move on, you will sign your hire forms and sign into Arise. Once signed into Arise you can pick your client and start making money.